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32 • A&E APRIL 2020 Sales & Marketing There was no doubt that our prospect appreciated the service. They now know that we're a professional source for quality work and left knowing that we were happy to solve their problem. Now our team has another foot in toward gaining their con- tinuing business. ABOVE AND BEYOND A couple of industry friends told me that they get renewed enthusiasm when they catch their team in the act of doing something out- standing. Obviously, they trained their team to go above and beyond when serving their customers. Tom Peters, author of "The Pur- suit of Wow" and "In Search of Excellence" said, "Train everyone lavishly. You can't over- spend on training!" When our team members know what they're supposed to do and how to do it, they have more opportunities for getting and staying fired up. Employees that are encouraged to increase industry knowledge by attending trade shows and educational conferences almost always return to work fired up. One of the biggest responsibilities of a manager is to inspire others to be productive, efficient, and happy in their work so they stay motivated. A business coach friend shared the following suggestions: • Provide a workplace that is clean, safe, stimulating, and that makes people feel good. • Be transparent. Have a feedback system that allows team members to share their ideas and suggestions for creating new products, new production methods, and ways to improve workspaces. When employees are included in deci- sion making, they are more committed to the direction the company takes. • Offer opportunities to learn about the industry's latest technologies and equipment. • Invite supplier representatives to attend an all-team meeting to show their new products and share ideas on ways to market and sell those products. This encourages collaboration within the team. What a great way to increase our knowledge and product informa- tion so we can offer better customer service excellence to those we serve. In addition, it's a great way to create good relationships with suppliers. Recognition and appreciation are a big part of encouraging and maintaining a fired-up company atmosphere. Especially in our industry and especially during our busy season, we should show our teams how much we appreciate what they do. A&E

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