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very warm tone. Reduce the opacity slider until you are happy with the effect. I have set the opacity of this layer to about 30%. Now for some sun flare. Select the top remaining object layer and rename it Sun Flare. Open the Edit Fill again and choose the Fountain fill (gradient option). Click on the color slider nodes to change/add colors (Figure K). I have my gradient moving from white to yellow and then red. Change the Blend Transition to Radial. Click OK. Now select the Fill tool (F) and left-click anywhere inside the Sun Flare object layer. A radial gradient is added to the center of the page. Switch to the Pick tool and move it to an appropriate location. This could include moving it beyond the borders of the image if needed. For my image, the natural sunlight appears to be coming from the upper right, and I have placed my gradient there. The effect will not look very natural at this point, as it is still in Normal mode. Change this layer's merge mode to Add. This Add merge mode has a bright- ening effect that is so realistic that no one but you will know that day was anything but sunny. Even with trees in the way, the sun will appear to look like it is streaming right through and putting a warm glow on everything in its path (Figure L). This "sun" can be reduced or enlarged using the anchor points around it. Adjust the opacity of this layer for the desired results. When finished, save as a CPT file to preserve the layers for any future changes you would like to make. You can also save as a PNG file with all of the layers compressed. I have found that delivering a well- designed, personalized gift results in many happy returns in the form of referrals and new orders. You may find a ray of sunshine in these enhancements as well. Fig K Fig L A&E APRIL 2020 • 37 A&E For Advertising Inquiries, Call: 800-669-0424

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