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April '20

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38 • A&E APRIL 2020 38 • A&E APRIL 2020 That was me when I was first promoted from a delivery driver to salesman at a dig- ital printing company after the salesman before me left over the weekend. The job was mine to have if I could get over the fear of rejection. The extent of my sales training was being told that someday (which happened one month after me starting there) I would have an opportunity to learn. Since the opportunity for actual sales training van- ished, the fear that I had no clue what I was doing and the thought of being rejected was holding me back. However, I was forced to forge ahead as I had bills to pay and needed to care for my first son who was recently born. Thank- fully, I was lucky to connect with some nice people and unique opportunities became available, but as a salesperson, I was awful as I didn't make enough calls and stayed in my comfort zone. 20 TIMES About a year into this experiment, the company I worked for hired a sales manager to help our growing sales team, and he changed my view of how this sales thing worked. He told me that he wanted me to get told "no" 20 times a day and as soon as that happened, I could go home. By a stroke of luck, I was also playing volleyball with a guy who worked on the local military base working three 12-hour M any of us are drawn to this industry because of the creativity and desire to make cool stuff. We know that starting a business requires work, stepping out of our comfort zone, and doing things we are not familiar with to make it thrive. But then the day happens when we have to make our first sales call to someone who is not a friend or family member, and that fear of rejection jumps right out and stops us in our tracks. Getting Told "No" Growing confidence through rejection Aaron Montgomery is the President and CEO of MontCo Consulting, LLC, which is a family company. Aaron has over 20 years of experience with per- sonalized products and small business development. You can find Aaron co- hosting the industry podcast – 2 Reg- ular Guys Podcast (www.2regularguys. com), which also powers the Decorators Community a hub for education. He has his own podcast channel and weekly live videos called Small Business Saturdays Series. He builds up new micro-businesses through a training program and a support mastermind groups with business partner, Todd Downing called You can find out more about Aaron at THE RISING TIDE OF BUSINESS By Aaron Montgomery

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