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50 • A&E APRIL 2020 background, it can be hard to see details from a distance, so I decided to add some thin outlines around parts of the design. These fine clear lines would help lift out details and not make the whole project look like a solid white surface. We also had to deal with another factor: the glass piece would face the family room, which sported a big-screen TV. Usually we install carved pieces so that they face the main viewing angle, but in this case, we would opt for the reverse to face the family room in order to avoid the TV images reflecting on the smooth side of the glass, making the image disappear. Carving the tree was asking for another solution as well: it being the main attrac- tion, I was not looking for the situation of carving hundreds of leaves. We resolved that problem by creating several clusters in the tree canopy which I peeled out in var- ious stages and blasted to different depths. In order to have some variations within the clusters, I resorted to a liquid resist application, which I also used in the fore- ground in the grassy areas to create some textures rather than blasting those larger areas to a uniform white field. While working on all the details, I kept thinking about the background areas. If I An evergreen tree shown as a silhouette as I peel it out of the background. There were a lot of tiny pieces to take care with. More leaf clusters blasted while others get peeled. A deeply carved leaf cluster.

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