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A&E APRIL 2020 • 53 Sales & Marketing This might be a place to once again bring to focus that we all have a talent, but we don't necessarily have all the talents. The leader that can bring the entire package together is the one who will sustain growth and even- tually be the survivor in business. It is not enough to be a good salesperson, accoun- tant, organizer, creator, buyer, advertiser, or any of the many factors it will take to suc- ceed in your business, but to also assemble a team that works toward the same goal. It can also be a great opportunity to have a payment program with various options for your prospect. This program, if ready to assist the buyer, can be the link that con- vinces them to buy from us. Often an orga- nized presentation that covers the questions of the prospect before they ask anything can be a great selling point. Tip: First, it has been said many times that the client is always right. Whoever said that hasn't dealt with many clients. The client is not always right, and you might well be served to let that client go and replace them with someone who will work with you to make a good experience for both of you. Second, when you have a payment process and a system of doing business, stay with it. Is shipping or pick-up the way this client operates? If you have a one- or two-person shop, shipping might be a stretch for you, but ship- ping will be a concern for you as you grow and expand your business. It is ideal to start thinking about your options now, because shipping can be a great profit center for your business, or it can be a major pain if not in place by the time you need to call upon it. Learn about shipping options and how they can help you be of great service to your clients. Shipping can be another of your profit centers to add to your bottom line. Recently I was at a conference where those attending were at a seminar on ship- ping. Several in the audience made a com- ment that shipping wasn't of interest to them because it cost time and effort. However, this same group of folks was at another discussion about six months later and someone brought up the thought of

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