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April '20

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How the LED signage landscape looks in today's modern electrical world B Y R Y A N F U G L E R 2 0 • A P R I L 2 0 2 0 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Ryan Fugler is a freelance writer and former editor of Wraps magazine. He can be reached at rnfugler@gmail. com with questions or com- ments. I t's hard to imagine that 20 years ago we were just crossing into a new millen- nium—the 2000s—when the age of old- fashioned ideas and outdated concepts were to be laid to rest. The technology boom was about to ignite, yet we didn't really know how that would look at the time. Just 20 years before that, humans perceived the 21 st Century would bring with it flying cars, vitamins to replace full meals, and personal robot butlers. Well, things haven't quite panned out to those extremes; however, today in the year 2020, we have undoubtedly encountered a tech- nological takeover. Take a look at everything you use on a daily basis—your computer, phone, car, television—and how much more effi- ciently designed each product has been built for your convenience. The same can be said for LEDs in signage; they are greatly improved, provide higher quality, and are extremely more versatile than 10 to 20 years ago. The technology in these products has allowed sign makers to use LEDs in many more situations, giving cus- tomers several new options with which to work. "Compared with early LED signage lighting solutions, today's systems offer vast increases in nearly every avenue," says Natalie Picot, global product man- ager, Signage at GE Current, a Daintree Company. Virtually maintenance-free, LEDs provide an easy-to-use, dependable solu- tion to customers who have a need for illuminated signage. Combined with the fact that they have drastically decreased in price over the years, LED usage has grown exponentially. "As with any new technology, LEDs fol- low the technology adoption life cycle," explains Picot. "As adoption increases, prices start to trend downward." TAKEOVER GE Current, a Daintree com- pany, worked with Verbax to create this huge channel let- ter project for Lavazza. Technogical

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