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Page 8 of 31 • Spring 2020 • The Sublimation Report 9 graphics software. Its solution was CreativeStudio. CreativeStudio is a cloud- based design software that is accessed through your Chrome browser (so you must have internet) and allows you to create great-looking designs within minutes. Now on version 4, CreativeStudio has added a lot of new features like the ability to import fonts and post to social plat- forms. Each Sawgrass printer comes with a free lifetime license to CreativeStudio, and a premium subscription was recently added that provides a wealth of clipart designs. If you are a Corel, Adobe, or Silhouette user, I recommend staying the course. But for folks that lack design skills, CreativeStudio is the ticket. GPS: SAWGRASS' GO EXPRESSION NETWORK Perhaps the most exciting and surprising addition applies to both new and older Sawgrass printer owners: Sawgrass' Go Expression Network. Essentially, it's an internet platform for connecting Sawgrass users together to create a global fulfillment network. It looks a bit like a ride sharing feature of the printer where you make money by printing and potentially pressing for other Sawgrass owners. Maybe you sub out doing mugs to someone else or you need to print bigger but have the smaller printer. Or maybe you're on vacation and just need to hand off some order fulfillment. WHY DO YOU NEED MORE QUALITY? Sawgrass is promoting that these new printers support a high-quality mode. Because most substrates' viewing dis- tance is a few feet, this mode is pretty much a waste of time due to the slow print speed. For a few substrates like jewelry, however, this new mode is magic. For those products with a short viewing distance, Sawgrass' new high-quality mode produces sharp results that are sure to impress your clients and put a smile on your bottom line. Based on my 25-plus years of subli- mation experience, I am impressed with these next-generation printers. Both Ricoh and Sawgrass have delivered a quality, user-friendly solution that pro- duces excellent color and image quality. I will be doing a lot of informative videos on these printers, so check out my You- Tube channel and/or you can email me at with your comments and questions. SR

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