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2 0 2 0 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R 1 5 style-hunting to do. Bold faced and con- densed, curly fonts, retro styles, classic, and distressed were all among the many request- ed looks. Text can certainly be boring, so to be more design oriented we applied arches and warps to many of them. Utilizing Adobe Il- lustrator was the simplest way to do this as we can arrange vector objects in a multitude of ways. Under Effect, we scrolled down to the Warp options and chose different effects to apply. For the Wild West print, we used a retro font and applied the Bulge effect and used the Levers within the Warp palette. A tex- ture was layered over the top and airbrush- ing techniques were applied in Photoshop for a weathered look. We applied some textures as vector objects in Illustrator as a bitmap with knockouts, although we prefer to work in Photoshop here. Once the warp was set on the image and imported, we colored it gold. Then, the text was selected and copied to a Channel in the Channel palette for separation purposes. This processed the info into black, white, and grayscale. We also brought in two sepa- rate textures to use in a combination effect. We wanted some hard knockout of a deep recessed texture to break up interesting pat- terns, so we applied a soft and worn effect around the edges throughout. The combi- nation made a great distressed print. This was printed on a dark garment without a white printer or base-plate. The ink ap- peared very faded from the dark fabric's influence and pushed way back for the illu- sion of a well-worn garment. Additional designs called for a vintage style with secondary elements such as the circular branding iron with the buffalo label of the Tin Haul Supply Company. These simple one- and two-color concepts were great for the old, authentic feel. Then there was the challenge of creating an awkward two-ton longhorn driving a tractor. Fortunately, it would be one color and very distressed. Some of this old art style has an over- exposed look to it as well. That really worked to our advantage because we had bent this poor animal to make it look like he could be sitting on the tractor seat. Whatever the customer wants. We aim to please. There was a definite Southwestern theme throughout the instructions, so when it came to some of the women's designs, it was done so with a desert ambiance. It goes without saying the client also wanted a very soft hand to all the inks and most on FREE SHIPPING Screen Print Supplies • Siser Heat Transfer FDC Sign Vinyl • Screenprinting Equipment & More! (800) 535-4657 Plastics Inc A Division of

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