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Pitching In COMMUNITY OUTREACH IN THE DECORATED APPAREL INDUSTRY 3 0 P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 2 0 PENN EMBLEM Penn Emblem participates in a variety of initiatives throughout the year, including nationally recognized movements like Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Movember, which the company raised more than $2,000 for each cause last year. The company also chips in on local projects like Read-a-Book Day where employees donated 220 gently-used books to literacy organizations in the Philadelphia area. WHY DOES THE COMPANY CHOOSE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THESE OR- GANIZATIONS/PROJECTS? "Like many companies, giving back is something that allows employ- ees to come together for a com- mon cause to do good," states Tyler Joseph, digital marketing manager for Penn Emblem. He points out that the company is more than just a set of em- ployees but "family built, fam- ily driven, and family focused." "We know what it would feel like to have one of our own fam- ily members affected by a tough situation, so we want to prevent that for as many people as possi- ble, leveraging our family to help others," Joseph explains. WHAT ARE THE LONG-TERM GOALS OF BEING PART OF THESE ENDEAVORS? Joseph says Penn Emblem plans to double its donations for each organiza- tion they are involved with and to devise new ways to raise money. Ideally, he says he hopes these efforts get more people inspired to partici- pate each year. WHAT DO YOU HOPE YOUR EMPLOYEES AND PEERS LEARN FROM THIS? "We hope that our employees recognize that no action is too small and no effort is unnoticed," says Joseph. Ultimately the com- pany hopes people realize that one person can make an impact, and as a team, those individuals can make an even bigger impact. "So many people are left helpless daily and it is our duty to stand up in any way that we can, big or small, and fight for people who are suffering." W hether it's a local charity or a national organization, com- panies throughout the decorated apparel industry have al- ways been eager to give back to the community. Since this month is The "Good" Issue, Printwear takes a moment to chat with a few companies doing their part in giving back to the community.

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