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2 0 2 0 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R 5 5 MAKE THE MOST OF THE TREND WITH MODERN APPAREL J E A N E N E E D W A R D S Y ou know it's in vogue when Kim Kardashian is wearing vintage fashion. You can find a vintage shop in almost every town, and even traditional retailers like Nordstrom's are selling used clothing in their stores now. The popularity of vintage can be linked to many factors, but one of the most prevalent is increasing environmental awareness. We live in such a disposable world, consumers are looking for more sustainable ways to shop. The vintage trend encourages people to recycle items from their closet and offers an alternative to fast fashion. It also harkens back to a time of nostalgia when maybe we felt a bit more optimistic or carefree. So, how do you capitalize on the vintage trend? There are several different ways to incorporate the idea of vintage into decorated apparel. You'll need to find the right retro designs and combine them with vintage-inspired fabrics and garments. TIMELESS GRAPHICS It's more complicated than just finding an old graphic, but it does start with the right design. It might be fun to dig deep into your design archives and resurrect a best- selling gem from 20 years ago. The goal is to channel the pop culture from 20 or 30 years ago in original vintage art without infringing on someone else's intellectual property. Trends to explore might be the vintage space theme, '70s nature/summer camp, rock 'n roll, or retro cartoons. If you're going vintage, you will need to recreate an aged, worn out (or worn in) design. The best way to achieve an authentic look and feel is adding a distressed effect to your graphic. The distress effect uses less ink, which gives you a softer "hand" or feel. It also creates small breaks in the ink, which keeps the print more flexible and delivers that worn, cracked look. Don't underestimate the magic of typeface and color choice. For a vintage look, use fonts that also have a nostal-

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