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96 • RV PRO • April 2020 rv-pro.com Breaking news exclusives from RV PRO's website In Case You Missed it RV I N S I G H T RV Chassis Repair Company Expands Speed Wrench began in West Michigan with two brothers, John and Al Van Dyke, driving out for mobile automobile repairs. That was 1989, when the team consisted of five people. And then Jim Ruiter joined about eight years ago as part of Speed Wrench's outside sales team. Around then, the repair company began attending an annual conference at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Mich., where he met with a lot of local dealers in the area. Today, the company boasts more than 150 employees and has grown a reputation for becoming a leading RV repair entity. Those chassis repair skills paid off, as Speed Wrench recently expanded to a 30,000-square- foot facility with 20 bays. "We work hand-in-hand with the dealers, and we take care of their cus- tomers. They have somebody to send people to that they can trust," said Ruiter. "It's been a really good relationship. The business has grown by word of mouth since getting those referrals." The full-service body shop will now have a dedicated home in the previous 15,000-square-foot building. Meanwhile, the state- of-the-art facility will allow the RV business segment to grow as the list of referred dealerships continues to grow. "The thing had grown to the point where we were basically out of space in this building and parking area," Ruiter said. Read more: http://rvpro.ly/speed-wrench Coronavirus Slows RV Aftermarket Supply Chain Several RV aftermarket suppliers and distributors have confirmed that the novel coronavirus outbreak – more specif- ically, 2019-nCoV – is likely to cause a 30- to 60-day delay in shipped goods. Of course, this depends on how much is outsourced to China where the virus is believed to have started. Experts said that the outcome could range from a pandemic to a regular occurring flu. The symptoms can vary anywhere from a runny nose to severe health issues to fatalities. The peak of the outbreak occurred right as many Chinese citizens took a break from production (about two weeks) and traveled across provinces. This, in turn, escalated the halt in goods being shipped from the country. Wayne Kaylor, partner and president of WAY Interglobal, recently told RV PRO that 20-30 percent of employees returned to their overseas factories and that more factories were due to come online soon. "We're hopeful but concerned," said John Tinghitella, presi- dent and owner of RV Designer. "There might be some glitches along the way in the supply chain. The next 30 days will be crucial." He said that if the current lockdown is in place in 90 days – and not enough employees have returned to work – that the industry should ready itself for a real drought. "There could be a disruption in the RV industry, I believe, because that will coincide with the kickoff of the high retail season," said Tinghitella. While everybody does their best to bulk up in preparation, there's this expectation that there's a steady supply chain flow." But should there be a disruption, many companies will not be ready. "Over the years, the Chinese have spoiled us," he added. "They programmed us to realizing that they're really good at what they do." Mike Keller, president of Keller Marine & RV, shared similar sentiments, explaining how two of the companies he's worked with worry what the next 30 days will reveal – the potential impact on the aftermarket and OE side. Read more: http://rvpro.ly/coronavirus

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