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rv-pro.com April 2020 • RV PRO • 61 with the consumer response to the RV maker's product as this year's early retail shows unfolded. "Considering the market conditions on the whole, retail demand seems strong. Customers are coming out to the shows and looking to buy sooner," he says. The Berkshire line of diesel pushers competes in three basic price ranges: $300,000 to $315,000 for the regular Berkshire; $346,000 to $349,000 for the XL; and $415,000 to $422,000 for the XLT. Every brand is structured the same, while ameni- ties, engine sizes and options create the separation. Here's a quick look at weights and floorplans: • Berkshire (33,400 pounds) 3 floorplans (34QS, 39A and 39B); • Berkshire XL (38,320 pounds) 4 floorplans (37A, 40C, 40D and 40E); • Berkshire XLT (47,000 pounds) 5 floorplans (43B, 43C, 45A, 45B and 45CA). Popular floorplans in the XL and XLT brands feature bunkhouses. For 2020, new features include a new digital dashboard from Freightliner, Smart Wheel con- trols and transmission shifter relocation. "On top of that, for the first time since 2006, we actually redesigned the entire dash to fit the new digital screen that got rid of the analog gauges," Cunningham says. "That was a big deal for us to give it a nicer, modern, more automotive style." Meanwhile, the Berkshire XL went to a 15,000-pound tow capacity with rear disc brakes versus drum brakes. "Even if they don't want to tow up to 15,000 pounds, it gives a longer lifespan and less mainte- nance. This is one of the few non-tag axle models with 15,000 pounds of towing and an abundant amount of cargo," Cunningham says. Meanwhile, the XLT now features an inde- pendent front suspension with large 315 tires on The XLT represents the heaviest of motorhomes in the Berkshire lineup, at 47,000 pounds. The XLT is loaded with amenities and features an independent front suspension with large 315 tires in the front and 295s on the back, which is unique to the Berkshire lineup. PHOTOS COURTESY OF FOREST RIVER, REV GROUP/ FLEETWOOD AND THOR MOTOR COACH

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