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70 • RV PRO • April 2020 rv-pro.com supposed to figure out who the truck camper manufac- turers were, what floorplans they offered, and how to match a truck and camper. We launched Truck Camper Magazine to be the resource we needed when we got into truck camping. Being a resource for newbies and guiding them to a safe truck and camper match remains one of our core missions. RV PRO: How has the mag- azine grown and evolved since then? White: Since founding Truck Camper Magazine, our readership growth has sky- rocketed. We have enjoyed strong readership growth for almost 13 straight years. According to Google Ana- lytics, Truck Camper Maga- zine had 2.6 million sessions and 1.4 million users in 2019. The magazine itself has evolved enormously. Based on reader feedback and our analytics, we have completely redesigned Truck Camper Magazine five times, pushing the concept forward, updating our technology, and further focusing our content. For example, we added a Buyer's Guide and Gear Guide, multiple lead genera- tion systems, SEO best prac- tices, and aggressive social media strategies. The evolu- tion process never ends. RV PRO: What did you do to spark interest in the magazine? White: From the begin- ning, the magic formula has been publishing two relevant and compelling articles a week. Do that non-stop for 13 straight years and almost everything takes care of itself – including finding an audience. The other huge benefit to this approach is search. Approximately 1.2 million people came to Truck Camper M a g a z i n e i n 2 0 1 9 f r o m organic search via Google, Ya h o o a n d o t h e r s e a r c h engines. That's over 3,400 a day. Social media is also important, but it's less than 25 percent of online search. RV P RO : How d i d yo u weather the Great Recession as the truck camper industry faltered? White: At the mid-point of 2008, we had 42 sponsors. By the spring of 2009, we had lost roughly half to clo- sure and shutdowns. It was catastrophic. In August 2008, I called every truck camper manu- facturer, gear company and dealership and made a decla- ration: 'I want you to know that I will publish two articles a week in Truck Camper Mag- azine until the very last truck camper company fails. You do not need to worry about us going out of business. We're not going anywhere. We will get through this.' And we did. Of every- thing we've done with Truck Camper Magazine, I'm most proud of how we helped our truck camper manufacturers and community through that awful experience. RV PRO: What are your plans moving forward? White: Short term, it's steady as she goes. The one change I'm making for 2020 is a big push into video. I want to knock socks with some of the best RV videos ever attempted. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel – TruckCamperMAG. Long term, we can't run Truck Camper Magazine for- ever. At some point, a pub- lishing company or another team will need to step up to take over this juggernaut. If anyone knows a talented The Whites publish two articles a week on the Truck Camper Magazine website. They conduct interviews with sources, write all of the articles, do their own photography, sell advertising and perform all of the other tasks Assoc.iated with producing the online publication.

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