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80 • RV PRO • April 2020 rv-pro.com women to say that the industry is very well positioned based on workforce composi- tion (see Figure 3 on page 78). This result suggests that there con- tinues to be a recognized need for staff development, which includes the hiring of more women and developing a more diverse workforce overall. Indeed, 1-in-5 five industry professionals surveyed said that their company is currently evaluating workforce composition as a way to develop their workforce and better position their organizations for anticipated changes in the coming years. Still, challenges exist across the board within the industry when it comes to having a more diverse workforce. Industry profes- sionals are likely to identify finding skilled employees as a large problem (55 percent), which includes identifying skills gaps among laborers (see Figure 4 on page 79). However, those employed in the RV industry are also likely to identify skills gaps in mid-level management positions as a challenge, and is most prominent within the manufacturing sector (38 percent). Functionally, the skills gap is most prominent surrounding industry knowl- edge (43 percent), with those in the man- ufacturing sector (34 percent) less likely to identify this as a gap; more than half of those employed in the manufacturing sector (52 percent) identify teamwork as a skills gap problem. Training for new/ incoming employees Increased hourly or salary pay ranges Enhanced training for existing employees Changing recruiting criteria Promoting from within the company Recruiting more skilled employees Bringing in younger workers Evaluating workforce composition* Bringing in older workers Offering relocation packages None of these Uncertain/cannot say Figure 5 Initiatives for Workforce Development 44% 40% 28% 38% 30% 30% 22% 20% (*e.g., age, gender, educa- tion, training, certification) 17% 13% 4% 10% (866) 847-8330 www.daysdistribution.com Elkhart, IN We offer scalable public, dedicated, on demand warehousing with robust warehouse management systems and RF capabilities to meet all of your storage and 3PL needs. WE CAN HELP YOU! WAREHOUSING, LOGISTICS & TRANSPORT Personal, sophisticated, and multi-dimensional 3PL strategically located in Northern Indiana one hour East of Chicago IL. Subscribe at rv-pro.com/subscribe or call 800-870-0904 JOIN THOUSANDS OF RV PROFESSIONALS LIKE YOU! SUBSCRIBE TO RV PRO FOR IN-DEPTH NEWS COVERAGE

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