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rv-pro.com April 2020 • RV PRO • 81 Solutions to Workforce Development The solutions offered by industry pro- fessionals to address workforce develop- ment include more training for incoming employees, increases in income, and enhanced training for existing employees. The manufacturing sector is more likely to use wage increases as a way to attract new employees (see Figure 5 on page 80). In an article published by Industry Week (citing results from a study conducted by Deloitte), there is an immediate need to fill many of the openings in the job market – and in particular the manufacturing sector – that are being left unfulfilled, with the solution close at hand. According to their analysis: "Women represent one of the largest pools of untapped talent for manufacturers, and closing manufacturing's gender gap is key to closing the skills gap that has limited businesses' ability to evolve and expand. In addition to filling open positions, though, research shows that gender diversity benefits manufacturing firms by creating a culture that improves their ability to innovate and grow. And more than just bottom lines, women in manufacturing are building meaningful careers – and quite literally building the future." This sentiment, expressed for the man- ufacturing industry in general, applies not only to the RV manufacturing sector, (where women are underrepresented at an even higher rate), but across the industry, where gaps have been identified in not only the inclusion of women, but in the skill set needed to move the industry forward. Final Thoughts on the Survey Reflecting on the survey's findings regarding women in the RV industry, RVWA President Susan Carpenter said: "More than ever, employers are prior- itizing diversity and inclusion initiatives and investing resources into making sure their teams are set up for success. Focusing on diversity and inclusion is the smart thing to do for your business. Why? Diversity gives you access to a greater range of talent – not just the talent that belongs to a particular world-view or eth- nicity or some other restricting definition. A more diverse workforce helps provide authentic insight into the needs and moti- vations of an expanding client and customer base, rather than a more narrow (and exclu- sive) slice of it. Ultimately, growth may be highly depen- dent on your ability to build a culture that welcomes diversity. If you want to drive new talent to this industry, give them a reason to come." NO MORE CHUCK CHUCK AND BUCK BUCK Reduce 5th wheel jerking, chucking and bucking with a MORryde MORryde RUBBER PIN BOX RUBBER PIN BOX. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS: www.MORryde.com 574.293.1581

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