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rv-pro.com April 2020 • RV PRO • 91 down the road, moving weight also takes power, too," he says. Advanced Technology Advances Safety With Proterra being a leader in the elec- tric vehicle platform, the company also is a leader in the latest technology and safety, which is a big part of the MT50e. "This current battery technology we have, it is from a power-density standpoint the best option that we have out there," Henke says. "It's well-proven. The safety elements are amazing." Pro t e r r a a l s o o f f e r s h i g h - p owe r charging systems that are purpose-built for commercial applications and use standardized technology for interopera- bility. Proterra charging systems utilize the universal J1772-CCS Type 1 charging standard, enabling operators to utilize Proterra charging systems for a range of battery-electric powered vehicles. "The new MT50e blends the efficiency and performance of an electric vehicle with the undisputed strength and ruggedness that's made FCCC the most reliable chassis on the market," FCCC CEO and Presi- dent Jeff Sather said when announcing the new chassis in February. "The MT50e comes with industry-leading, 24/7 support and builds on our heritage of technolog- ical innovation to propel both us and our customers into an era of zero emissions for last-mile delivery vehicles." Launched as a prototype at the 2019 Work Truck Show, the MT50e is the first of several planned commercial electric vehicles from FCCC for use in a variety of applications. The chassis also was on display at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. "This vehicle that we're showing is definitely focused here on the commercial side," Henke says. "Our work has been on the van commercial side, as it fits perfect in those applications." However, in a time when people are becoming more environmentally con- scious and want to make sure they are taking care of the resources they are out enjoying, who knows what might be in the not-too-distant future of RVing? "From an RV standpoint, I think it's exciting technology, but the limitations are there," Henke says. "I'd hate for someone to say I want to build a 54,000-pound tag-axle unit. I see this as that weekend warrior, that Millennial-type of unit, that someone can really have fun and enjoy it. But it's not to go travel cross-country with it." Above: The MT50e will feature an efficient and powerful battery system from Proterra, a California-based manufacturer of high- performance systems for heavy-duty platforms. The Proterra system powering the MT50e will offer 226 kilowatt-hours of energy capacity and an all-electric, zero- emission drive system.

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