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28 • A&E MAY 2020 W here does the name Glassmith2 come from? This is a frequent question we get from new cus- tomers and business partners. Glassmith2 is a business that was named to honor the person that taught me the art of sand- carving, my grandpa Wiley Smith. Our start with sandcarving art glass was the start of the journey to where we are now, a rapidly growing awards and engraving company. This is the story of how sand- carving started it all and led us to where we are today. THE GLASS-SMITH AND GLASSMITH2 I grew up witnessing and consuming everything the glass art world had to offer, and my grandfather Smith was the one that led me to this world. As far back as I can remember, I recall visiting my grandparents not at their home in Denver but at their booths at various glass shows. Seeing my grandfather and grand- mother Judy fielding customers and shuffling around beautifully carved glass was mesmerizing. I truly felt like I was a part of some elite family, almost as though my grandparents had superpowers that allowed them to create such beautiful works of art. In addition to my grandfather deco- rating glass, he also made beautiful stained- glass pieces and some pieces even had a mix of engraved and stained glass. My grandmother made fused and slumped glass pieces in her glass kiln, as well as stained- glass steppingstones. I imagine she would still be firing glass today if I didn't steal the kiln and have her teach me her ways. Braden Todd is a second-generation engraver and owner of Glassmith2, located in Boulder, Colorado. Braden's expertise ranges from sandcarving, industrial laser cutting/engraving, UV printing, and the other supporting facets that allow Glassmith2 to consistently provide cutting-edge items to its retail and wholesale customers. Questions and wholesale inquiries are always welcome: By Braden Todd Carving through Generations: What you need to know about sandcarving

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