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76 • RV PRO • May 2020 rv-pro.com RV I N S I G H T due to: Advertising? Referrals? Social media remarks? Inventory? Or location? Of course, the obvious thing it would tell you is how well each of your sales- people are doing with every customer opportunity, and what salespeople need help with your sales process regarding training and video role playing. This log also cuts down on the chatter you sometimes hear from salespeople, such as, "We need to spend more in advertising to get some good ups in here." Managers and owners, have you ever heard that one before? This log will diffuse that theory quickly when doing "one on ones" with your salespeople and reviewing their per- sonal efforts with each customer they have encountered. By David Foco David Foco is a vice president with A World of Training, a Valrico, Fla., a firm that provides parts, service, sales, F&I and management training to industry professionals in the RV, auto and marine industries. Foco has 37 years of experience in the retail automotive and RV industries. For more information, visit https://aworldoftraining.com. A lot of industry professionals have gained knowledge about the RV industry through the years by the following measures: • Experience • Self-study/initiative • Market analysis • Publications • Training/workshops • 20 Group involvement I know I can check off all these boxes. However, one thing I have found over sev- eral years of working in the "trenches" is that making any type of decision to correct or implement a process that was identified through awareness of some sort of an event ... needs data! You need data to first understand what clear and decisive approaches are needed to remedy an "area of opportu- nity". Did you notice I do not call them problems? Typically, "areas of opportunity" arise from lack of communication. You prob- ably hear this all the time in terms of state- ments such as: "nobody communicates" or "we never get feedback" or "we didn't know ... because no one told us." In most cases, managers or supervisors do not want to put themselves out there or misspeak on a subject matter that they do not have "good information" on. Let's dive into this a bit further. What type of day-to-day information is useful to realize sales, F&I, service, and parts oppor- tunities? As another way of stating things: How do you increase your sales opportuni- ties in these departments while enhancing customer satisfaction while controlling expenses that seem out of control, or not the normal? The following are reminders as to how to collect and track the valuable data to make changes in your dealership. Tracking Things on the Sales Side For the sales process, your dealership needs a "customer log" that tracks every potential customer, including internet and phone leads per salesperson. This will include documentation of the sales process each salesperson was able to accomplish with every prospective buyer and used in a "Save a Deal Meeting" every day to max- imize every opportunity. This log also will let managers know: How effective is the dealership's advertising? How did the customer hear about the busi- ness? It also will tie the salesperson into "touching the sales desk" every time he or she has a potential customer. On another note, this should not be filled out by the salesperson. Instead, it is filled out by the sales manager to track every opportunity appropriately. And yes, you can use this during sales events and or a busy Saturday, if – and only if – you have a solidified sales process in place. For those using a sales CRM, thinking you are capturing every customer prop- erly via the salesperson, you are sadly mis- taken. It's amazing what happens when comparing both avenues for a "salesperson daily customer count" and what opportu- nities got logged properly. Most sales managers know what I'm talking about. Example: "Oh, that guy. He was just looking for parts and had a few questions on a couple of RVs … he was just looking." What would this "living" document tell managers on a daily basis? You guessed it: A true customer count. It also will tell you why and how people/customers are showing up at your dealership. For example, is it Identifying 'Areas of Opportunity' Keeping good data on dealership operations can be invaluable for spotting opportunities for improvement, because you only know what you know ... if you track it.

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