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78 • RV PRO • May 2020 rv-pro.com WE'RE MADE In The U.S.A.! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ B A R K E R ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Level Patent #6840541 VIP JACKS VALUE PLUS INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE VIP JACKS FEATURES: • Night Light & Level • Attached Foot Pad • Powder Coated & Plated • 2 Year Warranty • Steel Gears • Emergency Crank-Thru Head • Emergency Crank Included • Sealed Weatherproof Inner Tube • 10 Gauge Hook-up Wire Meets RVIA Standards • Torque Limiter Assembly VIP 3000 POWER JACK • 18" Stroke • 3,000 lb. Lifting Capacity • 2" Diameter Outer Post VIP 3500 POWER JACKS • 18"or 24" Stroke • 3,500 lb. Lifting Capacity • 2-1/4" Dia. Outer Post H I GH E ST Q UA L I TY 2 Y E A R W A R R A N TY M A D E I N T H E U . S . A . 2 6 9 - 9 6 5 - 2 3 7 1 I f a x : 2 6 9 - 9 6 5 - 2 3 8 9 I w w w. b a r k e r m f g. c o m 1125 WATKINS ROAD I P.O. BOX 460 I BATTLE CREEK, MI 49015 M A N U F A C T U R I N G C O . These VIP 12 volt trailer jacks have been designed to provide all the features RV owners desire at competitive prices unmatched by similar products. Best of all, their top quality is the same you have come to expect from any Barker product. • The number of customers calling to find out the status of their RV in the repair facility and which service advisors are not following up with their customers. • The number of customers you are scheduling a day, a week, a month, for service. • Your opportunity to properly schedule customer drop-offs and strategize for MTD workload. • Whether your staffing meets the demands of the number of customers you are handling any given month. A service call log will give you a pulse on what is happening in your service department on any given day. What a great way to monitor what is needed regarding customer follow-up, workload opportu- nity, and processes needing developing. The key will be training the right indi- vidual – not only to master this part of his or her job regarding collecting and monitoring the data properly – but also to enhance customer satisfaction with assisting in the customer follow-up pro- cess. Typically, this person is tasked and trained to schedule drop-offs and pick-ups, assisting in the pre-write of a repair order, and emailing it to the customer with main- tenance suggestions. (This is another RV PRO article for another day.) Additional data that should be col- lected through process and documenta- tion is as follows: • Customer follow-up that is com- pleted through text, email and phone via a "customer route sheet" or your dealership software, understand who is proactively following up with their customers and who is not. • Warranty repair orders processed by manufacturer from authorization to reconciliation. Look for warranty repair orders timing out and not get- ting paid 100 percent on the claim. • Warranty parts processed and order per manufacturer. How long did it take from the inception of the order, until you received the part correctly? • Finance penetration versus cash deals. What was the turnover (TO) ratio to the business manager on every deal sold? Track the oppor- tunities and cash conversions completed. • What was the difference between warranty dollars originally autho- rized and what did you receive? Identify the shortages and why. These are several processes that need inspecting with adequate forms, docs, and personnel tracking this information. With these inspection processes in place, you now have solid data to make changes, implement processes and train your personnel accordingly. Once you have these items in place, it's amazing how quickly you can change gears if needed, to correct an "area of opportunity".

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