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2 0 2 0 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 1 1 customer satisfaction ratings. A Manchester Consulting Group's study of Fortune 100 execu- tives concluded, "Coaching resulted in a ROI of almost six times the program cost, as well as 77% improvement in relationships, 67% gain in teamwork, 61% enhancement in job satis- faction, and 48% improvement in quality." Who couldn't appreciate that degree of impact? Reason #1: A good business coach will challenge you to realize your greatest potential and hold you accountable. The coach has a vested interest in delivering on promises: the last thing she wants is for you to fail. Business coaches will assess your core operational processes, strengths, and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats that could affect business performance. Effective business consultants are always looking for ways to improve profit margins, customer sat- any industry) firmly believe that their busi- ness model, circumstances, and market- place are so unique that it takes an "insider" to understand it. True, the decorated appar- el industry is one of a kind, but the art and science in running and growing a business effectively and profitably is not. One could easily benefit from benchmarking what works in another industry and adapt those practices to fit their situation and needs. A business coach usually brings that fresh, unbiased perspective to the strategic discus- sions to show how proven outside concepts and tactics can yield phenomenal results. Myth #3: A business coach is only going to tell me to do things I already know. Look at it this way: If you've resolved yourself to the fact that you could benefit from some help and guidance, and you al- ready know the things you ought to do to improve the wellbeing of your business, then why aren't you doing them? What could possibly be holding you back? Need more time in a day? No one can give you more than 24 hours in a day, but a business coach may measure your time management acumen and be able to suggest better ways to invest your time to produce a greater return. Need more money? Skilled and motivat- ed employees? Satisfied and loyal custom- ers? Don't know where to begin? A good business coach will be able to sort out and prioritize which improvement initiatives should be addressed first and set you on the right path. THREE GREAT REASONS There have been numerous studies con- ducted on the effect coaching has on busi- ness performance, owners and staff, and FREE SHIPPING Screen Print Supplies • Siser Heat Transfer FDC Sign Vinyl • Screenprinting Equipment & More! (800) 535-4657 Plastics Inc A Division of

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