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2 0 2 0 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 3 1 P roducers in the decorated apparel industry strive to offer something exclusive to each customer. How- ever, they either don't have enough time or the compacity to generate a design from scratch. To allow decorators to of- fer something creative and worthwhile, Printwear looks at what stock options can bring to a shop, as well as ways to enhance stock designs and art files and avoid generic graphics. Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics, JP Hunt of InkSoft, and Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants explain ev- erything from what a decorator can expect from a stock design purchase to some pros and cons, and how to best utilize them. WHAT TO EXPECT Before diving in, purchasing, and down- loading a stock file or design package, you want to know what you're getting. According to Winters, the decorator gets "a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non- sublicensable right to download the licensed material." He continues, explaining that licensed material is any image, no matter its format or file type, which also includes related informational data, text, or cap- tions that come with the download. When a decorator purchases and downloads the content, Winters says, the purchaser is get- ting a royalty-free license to "reproduce, use, modify, adapt, and create derivatives to create products, logos, memorabilia, nov- elty items, and other articles in any man- ner, except as restricted." However, this is just one example of a provider's terms. To ensure decorators are complying with us- age stipulations for a specific provider, they must read all terms and conditions carefully. Aside from the expectations of the design file itself, decorators can anticipate a lot more from stock designs like time saved, a sales acceleration, cost reduction, sales en- ablement, and competitive differentiation, according to Hunt. Now, let's break each of these down. Hunt says decorators will gain some time savings with stock graphics because, when used correctly, they can fast track the cre- Decorators can use the same design and try different print techniques and effects like printing full color, adding and playing with type, using a discharge treatment, trying a distressed look, and even printing on different colored garments. (Images courtesy Graphic Elephants)

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