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ative process. Anywhere a shop can achieve time savings is a win for workflows and the customer experience. Secondly, Hunt says stock designs of- fer sales acceleration, meaning the quicker you're able to get a customer interested and committed to a personalized graphic, the faster you get approval, and sooner you get paid. He adds, "So many decorators struggle with the graphics bottleneck. Slowing the sales process slows cash flow and increases the chances of customers losing interest and going with a competitor who can make the graphics process fun, fast, and easy." Next up is cost reduction. Stock options allow inexperienced or non-professional artists or business staff to create professional graphics. Using stock designs and other re- lated design tools means less money spent on an art department or hiring a freelancer. Now, what's sales enablement? Hunt says stock graphics aid in marketing efforts. Ac- cording to him, "Samples sell," so why not approach a prospective client with a person- alized graphic to win them as a customer? Stock options leave room for customization and personalization, starting decorators off on the right foot while selling more effi- ciently. Last is competitive differentiation. Hunt says, "Stock art means you can provide al- ternatives for customers that don't have a budget for fully custom one-of-a-kind graphics." It also lets shops offer free design services due to its minimal overhead. Although stock art options do offer considerable advantages like being highly customizable, cost and time effective, and ready-for-use, there are some cons to con- sider. Although these aren't dealbreakers, know that stock designs may not make sense for every customer. To avoid cus- tomers turning down design samples, have multiple styles and options prepared. Ad- ditionally, consider that the shop down the road might be using the same stock art files. To avoid graphics too similar to 3 2 P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 2 0 In this exam- ple, the same stock dinosaur is used in very different ways. Try using por- tions of a stock design and ex- perimenting with different font types and layouts. (Im- ages courtesy Great Dane Graphics)

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