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3 4 P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 2 0 COPYWRITE AND LICENSING W hen using any artwork from online, decorators need to be sure they're checking licensing agreements and terms and conditions. Some things to consider from sources: • "Apparel decorators and printing businesses should primarily be concerned with royalties associ- ated with content. Some provid- ers may include limitations of use where you must pay royalties when the number of impressions exceeds certain levels. Almost universally, art content providers prohibit usage of stock art con- tent for online applications and usage. Most importantly, under- standing that the copyright re- mains with the provider and you are gaining license to reprint the content." — JP Hunt, InkSoft • "Some are completely royalty- free once purchased. Some are limited in the number and type of products you can use with the design. Some artwork is de- signed with our apparel industry in mind, so naturally, licens- ing will follow suit as the most logical and hassle-free option." — Dane Clement, Great Dane Graphics • "You can download almost anything from the internet. Some are for this exact reason, and others are not. Read terms and conditions carefully." — Lon Winters, Graphic Elephants Stock options leave room for customization and personalization, starting decorators off on the right foot while selling more efficiently. (Images courtesy Great Dane Graphics)

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