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3 6 P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 2 0 S tock designs and stock design companies can be a saving grace for both commercial and home embroiderers. The wealth of designs available along with the creativity and insightful digitizing that goes into them represent a virtual business partner for the individual or small embroidery shop. But what if a design is nearly perfect, yet needs some tweaking for your needs or you have a customer who embraces the unusual? Cer- tainly, substituting specialty embroidery thread is one way, but what are other methods that can be used to make a stock design unique? Choosing the fabric to be embroidered on is another way to make the design your own. Specific prints, colors, or textures can further enhance and customize a stock design. Placement of a design on a garment will add personalization. While some designs are intended for unique placement, others lend them- selves to odd shaped areas or as an added flourish. And, finally, some- thing as simple as adding lettering in the form of names, initials, club affiliations, etc., will customize a stock design. OUT OF STOCK MAKING STOCK DESIGNS YOUR OWN A L I C E W O L F W I T H E L I Z A B E T H Y E L L E Placement of a feather stock design from Em- broidery Library on the lower sleeve of this pur- ple heather hoodie adds interest and makes it unique. (Photo courtesy Madeira USA)

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