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2 0 2 0 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 3 9 LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Placing a stock design in an unusual place on a garment can serve to give the stock image and the garment a customized feel. Running a design down a sleeve or around the back of a hood adds interest and appeal. There is a reason North Face "discovered" the new and unique placement of its logo on the right rear shoulder. Both innovative and memorable, the placement inspires an appreciation for the unusual. LETTERS TO LAMÉ Sometimes, the addition of lettering will serve to personalize or customize. A mono- gram, initials, club affiliation, or company name will make a stock design look like an original piece of art. "We are sometimes asked to, and will add text anywhere in a design," offers Habe. "We give our custom- ers a huge variety of fonts to select from. It is easy and fast when we do it, and it is so rewarding when the customers give us their happy feedback or send a picture of their finished personalized product." Using a unique substrate or material can change the look of an otherwise sedate de- sign. According to Laboy, "One last way an embroiderer can customize designs without having to worry about digitizing is simply experimenting with different fabrics. This to me is the fun part because you can change out your fabrics seasonally or think outside of the box. We will literally try every type of fabric imaginable, from fashion fabrics to suedes and leathers, burlap, plaid fleece, and we love playing with metallic lamé. Silk dupioni is another favorite as well as finding materials that mimic certain textures." Laboy continues, "At Anita Goodesign we'll encourage unique designs by digitizing specifically for certain types of appliqué ma- terials. For example, one of our more popu- lar collections uses Mylar as appliqué. Since this is a delicate material, designs intended Fashion 123 stock collection is designed in templates, mak- ing it easy for the embroiderer to line up designs of any size on any garment. (Photo cour- tesy Anita Goodesign)

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