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2 0 2 0 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 4 5 page at a time through a non-PostScript inkjet printer driver that does not properly control the specific ink needs of this indus- try when all you could have done was click the print button, choose the RIP printer driver, and get exactly what you need? TO RIP OR NOT TO RIP? If you hear someone saying they have no need for a RIP because all they print are solid separations understand that they are limiting their abilities, costing themselves more money to operate. Do better for your business. When you use technology its value and abilities are undeniable. Use your time to be creative and make money. Don't fight an un- necessary losing battle against a technology that performs well. RIP software technol- ogy is as strong as ever because it does a vital job very well. While we just scratched the surface of RIP solutions and what they of- fer for the industry, so much will be learned through a trial or a full license of the soft- ware of your choice. What you'll first learn is that driver-based RIPs that work within the print windows of your go-to mainstream graphic software have the shortest learning curve in the industry and are worth your consideration. Are you ready to RIP? PW Charlie Facini has been the CEO of Freehand Graphics ™ , for 37 years. A seasoned screen printer turned software developer Charlie is a celebrated graph- ics computer consultant/trainer, contrib- uting writer and trade show personality. Through his direction Freehand develops and supports solutions for screen printers such as color separation and film printing software as well as inkjet technologies including dye and head cleaner among other efficiency products. All Black Ink printing means to get the greatest black ink volume for your printer model.

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