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my favorite feature: magnets that hold the backing in place over the lower ring. It keeps the backing taut while the garment is hooped and reinforces the fabric. Last- ly, and most importantly, the fixture has unique arms that hold the hoop perfectly square with the work surface and directly over the lower ring. The fixture can be positioned on different parts of the shirt board to accommodate a variety of placements that may be required. The fixture can also be used on other sta- tions—one being the Freestyle Arm. This arm aids in several aspects of hard-to-items like backs of caps, shirt sleeves, cuffs, collars, pant legs, and more. All in all, the hooping station makes embroidery life a lot easier. RESEARCH AND EVALUATE It can certainly be overwhelming to learn best hooping practices and to know what frames are best to use when. In my experi- ence, I have found that talking to knowl- edgeable, seasoned decorators and manu- facturers lend to great advice. Evaluate the products that must be decorated, how they can be decorated, and what is the easiest method to decorate them – and what op- portunities may be available. The more quality, consistent products that are deliv- ered, the more capital is generated. PW Andrea Bommarito is part of the third generation in her family business (ZSK Machines - Embroidery Equipment Sales, Service, and Support), started by her grandfather in 1955. Growing up and immersing herself in sewing and embroidery industry paved the way for a love of decoration technique and education. Based in St. Louis, Andrea aids in training as well as workflow and production solutions. She loves learning and teaching about embroidery and is always amazed by the creativity throughout the industry and applying embroidery methods to non-traditional embroidery markets. Andrea enjoys understanding individual busi- nesses' needs (and soon to be businesses) and is committed to aiding in the success of a customer. 2 0 2 0 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 5 5 Plastic hoops with rounded corners are among the most standard hoops.

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