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24 THE SHOP JUNE 2020 I t's a new world out there and it remains to be seen just how much of the old one we'll be able to use when we get to turn business back on. When that does happen, however, most expect that people will return to normal and to their normal interests as well. Many stay-at-home orders have turned into stay in the garage, meaning progress on car and truck builds has picked up. These new and improved vehicles will be looking for dyno services when they hit the streets again, seeking a final grade on all of that homework. If you've been contemplating adding a dynamometer to your shop's list of services, read on to learn more. THOUGHTS TO PONDER Thoughts of adding a dyno start with the space and training requirements needed to get one up and running, and the machines' attractiveness to current and future customers. But when you're seriously considering a dyno purchase and install, there's even more to it than that. "Consider dyno cell construction," says Shawn Kell, Eastern U.S. performance products specialist for SuperFlow Dyna- mometers and Flowbenches, in Sussex, Wisconsin. "Proper size and airflow are important. Most customers are aware of It's test day every day for shops that have a dynamometer. By John Carollo Results Oriented Understanding customers and their vehicles allows shops to choose the best dynamometer system for their specific needs. (Photos courtesy Mustang Dyna- mometer)

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