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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 J U N E G R A P H I C S P R O 7 1 Items recommended for the second method include: • Heat gloves • Lint roller • Repositionable spray • Transfer image • Parchment paper (three sheets—top and bottom cover sheet and extra for second press) • Blank polyester substrate Before you begin, turn on your heat press and set your time and temperature. • Time: 60 seconds • Temperature: 380 F • Pressure: 1 – Light; Second Press – 2 1. Have your top and bottom parchment paper ready, along with an additional sheet for your second pressing. 2. Lint roll. * Pre-press for any excess moisture in your substrate. 3. Place your transfer on the substrate us- ing repositionable spray to secure it in place. 4. Press your image. 5. Take off the transfer and check for lines (discard the transfer paper). 6. If you have lines from your paper, be- fore taking it off the heat press, take a clean piece of parchment paper and cover your substrate completely. 7. Important Step: Tighten your pres- sure, no more than a 2. 8. Press again for 5 – 10 seconds, then lift your parchment paper off. 9. If lines are still there, repeat with a clean piece of parchment paper. 10. The lines should be gone from the fin- ished product. Never reuse your cover sheets. You may not see any ink, but if it is there, it will reactivate and get on your substrate and ruin it. In closing, a big part of your success with pressing polyester depends on hav- ing the right equipment and tools for the job. A lint roller is an inexpensive tool, but without it, your success will be hindered. GP CHERYL KUCHEK has been a business owner since 1993 and the current owner of Just my Imagination DeZign, Inc since 2008. She has been active in the personalization industry for over 12 years. She started a Facebook group called Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond as a resource to help those first starting out and the more advanced alike. She can be reach by email at Why Shop Condé Systems? • DYE-SUB TRANSFER SYSTEMS • DYE-SUB INK, PAPER & SUPPLIES • HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEMS • LASER & INK JET TRANSFER PAPERS • HEAT PRESSES • BLANK IMPRINTABLE PRODUCTS • PRODUCTION SOFTWARE • EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS • LEGENDARY TECHNICAL SUPPORT 800-826-6332 Find out how producing photo quality gifts & awards can help your business be more profitable... call Condé today! GRAPHICSPRO2020_CondeHalfPage_Layout 1 4/24/2020 10:27 AM Page 1

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