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52 • RV PRO • June 2020 rv-pro.com RV A F T E R M A R K E T T he makers of RV SnapPads have to relish the fact that an annual survey of its customers earlier this year found that more than 90 percent of them say they believe the company's snap-on rubber jack pads are such a good idea that they should come pre-installed on new RVs. The company is certainly pleased that the ranks of those cus- tomers are swelling: Sales have been doubling each year since the product first was offered in September 2015, according to Kent Wilson, chief marketing officer for the Calgary, Canada-based company that makes SnapPads. "We are growing very, very rapidly – almost too rapidly," he says. "We can't make the pads fast enough." The heavy-duty pads are made from recycled tires and are made to snap onto the feet of RV leveling jacks, creating what the company says is the industry's only permanent jack pad. It's also a nice alternative to the current method of RV leveling, which typically involves drive-on leveling systems or wooden or plastic blocks placed under the jack feet, Wilson notes. "My dad was in RVing many years ago when we were kids," he says. "His partner and he launched a previous leveling product that is still on the market today." Years later, his father, Origen RV co-founder and President Gordon Wilson, asked his sons if they wanted to help him come up with a new way to give a leveling jack foot more surface area, stability, and grip. He and son Devon Wilson, co-founder and now chief oper- Origen RV has found success with its SnapPad product, an easy-to-install, permanent jack pad designed to give jack feet more surface area, stability and grip. SnapPads SnapPads Make Make Leveling Leveling A Snap A Snap Origen RV is very much a family-owned and operated business. Pictured are (left to right): Barrett Wilson, chief technical officer; Kent Wilson, chief marketing officer; Gordon Wilson, president and co-founder; and Devon Wilson, co-founder and chief operating officer. Other family members (not pictured) employed by the company include Gordon Wilson's wife, Barbara Wilson, customer care specialist lead; and Kent Wilson's wife, Stacey Wilson, customer experience specialist. PHOTOS COURTESY OF ORIGEN RV By Craig Young

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