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14 THE SHOP JULY 2020 S ome jobs, by their very nature, seem more meaningful than others. But, really, all jobs are potentially meaningful. All companies serve their customers, their stakeholders and their workforce, and employees are in a unique position to make a real difference. It's up to leaders to help people see this. Great leaders create an environment where employees feel valued and valuable, and this is what connects them to purpose. There is no such thing as a job that doesn't count. Yet, we tend to work in environments where an employee is more likely to hear about their work when there is a problem. It is assumed that the impact of work is obvious, and because of that, leaders are not taking time to emphasize to each worker the why of their job and the important contribution it makes to the company's success as a whole. Research shows that 53% of workers wish they had more insight into the effect their contributions have on their company's success. Furthermore, there's a big discon- nect illustrating that, while leaders may think they're doing a good job of helping employees understand their company's purpose, they really aren't. These statistics are from a Deloitte survey: • 47% of executives strongly agree that they can identify with their compa- ny's purpose, compared to just 30% of employees. • 44% of executives say leaders set an example of living that company's pur- pose. Only 25% of employees agree. • 41% of executives say their company's purpose plays a role in major busi- ness decisions, compared to 28% of employees. • 38% of leaders say their organization's purpose is clearly communicated, com- pared to 31% of employees. Numbers like these make it clear—it is the job of the leader to take time on a regular basis to help each employee under- stand the importance of their role and the impact it has on the organization. While the contribution made by the worker may seem obvious, the leader needs to help them connect the dots. Consider that person in the billing depart- ment—the one who may not see a custom- er's face day to day. They need to know that, Job Satisfaction How leaders can help employees understand the meaning of their work. By Quint Studer It's up to leaders to show that all employees are in a unique position to make a real difference.

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