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JULY 2020 THE SHOP 33 unique local challenges, and the industry will experience delayed deliveries due to quarantine checks as well. Back at the shop, your sales team will likely be making phone calls instead of their usual in-person visits to keep commu- nication flowing. There may even be new plans put in place for picking up and deliv- ering vehicles. Remember, every person and business will be experiencing their own levels of fear as we all fight through our first pandemic together. Of course, some positives will come from this as well. I've noticed right away that now is the perfect time to strengthen money management skills and also to appreciate your staff—especially when forced to work with a government-mandated skeleton crew of 10 people or fewer! Those who were questioning their sense of hearing now know to schedule an exam once this is all over, myself included. If you've relied on reading lips to supplement commu- nication, you've likely been found out now that many people have begun wearing masks. In that same vein, being able to read facial expressions based on eye movement will now come in handy when you drop by your dealerships and can only see the man- agers' eyes as they sit at their computers. You'll know immediately if it's a good or bad day to be visiting. Worldwide, the pandemic is relatable, which opens the door to conversing with anyone, as this has affected everyone. So, there's always a conversation-starter. Overall, there are similarities and dif- ferences between the Great Recession and COVID-19, and their impacts on the economy. We've got our work cut out for us, but if we adapt, we'll get to the top of this mountain, too. In the meantime, keep practicing social distancing and preparing for your state to reopen. This is an ever-changing monster, so if you can't stay ahead at least try to ride alongside this pandemic beast. COURTNEY LEIGH PAHLKE and her brother are second- generation partners of their father's 45-year-old company, Top Coverage. Their locations service nearly 350 dealerships in Chicago and throughout Illinois, where they work hard to grow their father's empire. Learn more at TS_CASM_1901A 1-3H.indd 1 TS_CASM_1901A 1-3H.indd 1 5/20/20 10:55 AM 5/20/20 10:55 AM

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