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34 THE SHOP JULY 2020 SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF I n the last few years, exponential growth in the vehicle wraps industry and client awareness through social media have resulted in a lot of shops com- bining window tint, PPF and commercial/ color-change wraps under one roof, thereby creating a one-stop shopping experience. It's a logical business move and can be highly profitable, but the incorporation of the three mediums can be tricky. The reason for this is that window tint, PPF and commercial/color-change materials and installs can require a combination of major and minor tweaks in shop setup, materials knowledge and tools needed. For shop owners and installers, this incor- poration can come with a steep learning curve that can be frustrating and lead to high transition costs. To help, here's a straightforward break- down of window tint, PPF and commercial/ color-change wraps that's designed to make a smart wrap transition much smoother, with the goal of streamlining profits and keeping wrapping fun—which is how it should be. SHOP SETUP & EQUIPMENT First and foremost, the workspace needs to be climate-controlled to ensure that the temperature during installation is consis- tent. This is especially true for color-change and PPF installs. Ceiling fans should be avoided, as they can raise too much dust for window tint and PPF installs. For tint and especially PPF, a special area in the workspace should be set up for wet installs. This can involve adding slip-resistant floor mats and a drain. This area should also be in a very low- traffic part of the shop to minimize dust and dirt. The reason is that when dust and dirt get under PPF or window film, it can lead to a reinstall much quicker than for a commercial/color-change wrap. I highly recommend getting a hydraulic lift that is maneuverable and/or a set of Race Ramps. These are particularly needed when installing PPF and color-change wraps, as technicians will be spending a lot of time working on bumpers and rocker panels. For PPF/window tint, setting up a plotter in the workspace is also a good move as it will help with workflow and focus. Addi- tionally, installing a washer and dryer is Installation in Differences The Film Nailing your techniques for wraps, window tint & PPF. By Justin Pate Cleaning the vehicle surface with a clay bar glove or towel is a critical step for PPF and color- change prep, while scraping the windows is important for tint installs. TINT & PPF SPECIAL REPORT:

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