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40 THE SHOP JULY 2020 Installation in Differences The Film SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF • Cutting often involves cutting on the glass as well as angled in-cuts for free- floating windows Paint Protection Films • Wet install with a glide solution that is either soap/water or gel • Tack solution to flush edges. This can include steam, distilled water, white vinegar or an alcohol/water mix • Overlapping squeegee strokes at a high angle • For templates, no cutting should be required • Bulk install requires cutting on the surface or using scissors to trim the material for a wraparound Commercial Films • Dry install. The material will have air egress and repositionable features. • Overlapping squeegee strokes at a low angle • Cutting should be straightforward and never directly on the body Color-Change Films • Dry install with air egress and reposi- tionable features • Overlapping squeegee strokes at a low angle INSTALL TIMES & WORKFLOW Knowing how long installations take allows shops to price accordingly. Window Tint For the most part, window tint has the quickest turnaround due to a combina- tion of low prep, relatively small square footage and working on flat to moderate curves. A good window tinter can perform a standard install (side and back windows) in 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Paint Protection Films Install times can vary based on the coverage the client chooses. Simple wear-and-tear packages can take 1-2 hours, while full coverage with the bulk-style method can take 2-5 days. Overall, templates can be much quicker to install than bulk. Yet, this can depend on the quality of the template used. Also, keep in mind that with bulk installs there will be direct cuts on the body of the vehicle, so the installer should have high- level skills. Commercial Wraps For the most part, these are straightforward installs that can take two good installers 4-8 hours to complete, so essentially one vehicle per day. Color-Change Films Installation times can range from 1-3 days, based on coverage expectations. The skill level of the installer also must be higher than for a commercial-style install. POST-INSTALL Drivers will be anxious to take their upgraded vehicles out for a spin as quickly as possible. Window Tint In most cases, the vehicle can leave when the install is complete or the same day. Paint Protection Films For partial coverage installs, the vehicle can leave the same day. Full-coverage projects should sit overnight to be sure that all edges are tight. Commercial Films If it's warm outside (usually around 50 degrees or higher) then the vehicle can leave the same day. Color Change Films A good rule of thumb is to let the vehicle VIDEOS The Wrap Institute offers the following videos for additional information: SHOP SETUP FILM PROPERTIES: BENEFITS/WARRANTIES: PREP The key shapes for installers to see are an H for window tint and triangles for PPF, commer- cial and color-change installs.

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