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JULY 2020 THE SHOP 41 SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF sit overnight to ensure that nothing lifts, and all edges stay sealed. REMOVALS Tint and PPF removals are best done with steam. Commercial/color-change installs can be removed with a propane torch, heat gun, IR heater, steam and/or direct sunlight. CONCLUSION So, as you can see, there is a lot of cross- over between window tint, PPF and com- mercial/color-change projects, and a lot of differences at the same time. The main keys are obtaining a solid understanding of all the details and setting up your shop accordingly. Technicians should be open to the fact that they may be more suited to install, say, color-change materials instead of PPF. An installer who can professionally apply window tint, PPF, and commercial and color-change films is a valuable commodity. At the very least, make sure all the installers on staff are well-rounded and edu- cated properly to help out when needed. As the wrap industry continues to grow, becoming more and more of a one-stop shop for all types of automotive films is a smart move. It's all about educating yourself, staying up with trends and having the confidence to pivot. For continued education, be sure to get a membership to The Wrap Institute, as we add 250 new videos a year, and this year will have a big focus on PPF and tint. JUSTIN PATE is a graphic installer/instructor with more than 19 years' experience working both in the United States and Europe. Justin teaches workshops across the world, most notably for Avery Dennison and Mutoh in North America. In 2014, he launched The Wrap Institute (, a comprehensive wrap instructional resource. Powered by Contact CAN and lear n how to activate the AutoPar locator on your website today: or 760.346.5647 Dealers: Register Your Business Today! What? You're Not Using a Dealer Locator? Help Consumers Find Your Products Only Takes 10 Minutes to Install FREE for CAN Manufacturer Members You Need AutoPar

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