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42 THE SHOP JULY 2020 and Avery Dennison is launching a new PPF installation training program soon as well. "Like most professions, proper training and education are required, as customers want qualified workers doing the job right," says Liisa Floyd, who provides customer technical support for Madico Canada. Note: For the purposes of this article, PPF and AWF are lumped together. But, remember, while some instruction overlaps, specific training, techniques and support are available for each discipline. When & where are trainings held? Depending upon your supplier and/or chosen training outlet, sessions are usually available monthly, or at least quarterly, at the manufacturer's headquarters or autho- rized training centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. There have also been cases of trainers coming to shops to instruct groups of students. How long do they take & what do they cover? Most onsite programs last from two to four days and include a mix of background information, a chance to get to know the company and its products, and plenty of hands-on training. "A lot of technology is built into these films and to apply them takes extreme consideration of many assorted variables," explains Beau Moore, owner/operator of BeauMoto and a FlexiShield factory instructor. 42 THE SHOP JULY 2020 Classroom instruction, in addition to hands-on practice, is essential to understanding the funda- mentals of applying paint protection film. (Photo courtesy Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions) When it comes to professional training, top instructors have all the answers. By Jef White Installation is not easy to learn, making proper training vital. (Photo courtesy FlexiShield) I t only takes one look at a misaligned piece of paint protection film or a bubbly tint job in a rear window to realize that vehicle film installations are best left to the professionals. But, how do those experts get so good? Experience, of course, is the best teacher—experience built upon a solid foundation of proper training. If you're hoping to join the ranks of pro- fessional installers—or if you're already there but feel like your skills could use some sharpening—then you likely have ques- tions about paint protection film (PPF) and automotive window film (AWF) training. Luckily, as is their habit, trainers love to provide the answers. Is formal training required to become a tint or PPF installer? Top films brands agree that while formal training may not be required, it's extremely beneficial. It can also be a prerequisite for becoming an authorized dealer for certain outlets. Companies including 3M, FlexiShield, Eastman Performance Films (LLumar, SunTek) and Madico strongly recommend installers attend an immersive training ses- sion before working on customers' vehicles, FILM SCHOOL: LEARNING TO INSTALL TINT & PPF SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF

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