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JULY 2020 THE SHOP 45 in the form of happiness with what they do for a living and by reaching their financial goals. This is a skill that is in demand almost anywhere you go in the world." "For me it's that a-ha moment," says Madico's Floyd. "You can see it on their faces, and they can't wait to get out there and do it. I love it when they leave me with a hug at the end of the course. That is when I feel successful." Let's wrap this up with some inspiring success stories. Speaking of feeling successful, every instructor encounters students who exem- plify the typical AWF/PPF success story. "One trainee comes to mind," recalls Kozlow of 3M. "Last year, we had an auto- motive detailer who wanted to add PPF and tint to his existing business model. With no prior tint or PPF experience he successfully learned both within the same year—actually, in six months. A lot of what he learned from detailing cars carried over to our industry. He applied the training he learned from our training classes and now tint and PPF are his leading revenue streams." Hobson's tale starts at a Toyota dealership where he instructed an AWF installer. "I returned two years later to train someone else and the original trainee was already an amazing tinter by this point, tinting around 200 cars a month. I returned again about two more years later and he had made even more progress. So, I timed him on a Prius (this car has nine windows!) to see how fast he really was. From start to finish he did the entire car in 38 minutes. I love seeing how often people we train become even better and faster than I ever was. It's pretty exciting." JEF WHITE is executive editor of THE SHOP magazine and briefly served as editor of WRAPS magazine back in 2008. He can be reached at TODD BERGMAN 3M Instructor Vice President of Automotive Interwest Distribution Denver, Colorado Experience: I started in the industry about 20 years ago when I was hired at a local shop. The owner was my trainer and from day one I was hooked on the industry in general. For six years I installed both window film and PPF and ended up man- aging that shop. About 16 years ago, my film distributor approached me to see if I was interested in doing demos at shows such as SEMA. After a few years they asked if I was interested in coming to work with them as a trainer and sales rep. It was a change of pace and an opportunity to explore another side of the industry. BEAU MOORE FlexiShield Factory Instructor Owner/Operator BeauMoto Scottsdale, Arizona Experience: Becoming an instructor was natural for me because of having already trained employees at other Arizona-based shops. SHAWN HOBSON 3M Instructor Installation Trainer Energy Products Distribution Baltimore, Maryland Experience: 12 years with PPF, 33 years with window film, 10 years as an auto/flat dealer. LIISA FLOYD Madico Instructor Customer Technical Support Madico Canada Oakville, Ontario Experience: I started in the industry in 2001 shortly after moving to Oakville. I learned in a shop envi- ronment working on cars daily. I continued there until 2005, when I went into business for myself, getting sub-contracted to do mobile instal- lations. During this time, Courage Distributing, which had been doing film training since 1993, also hired me to train dealers and dealerships on an as-needed basis, which had me traveling to different parts of Canada as well as doing in-house training. I was then hired on as a full-time trainer with Courage in the summer of 2015. Courage Distributing Inc. was then acquired by Madico to form Madico Canada in August 2019. RICK KOZLOW 3M Instructor Technical Service Manager Accent Distributing LLC Sarasota, Florida & Houston, Texas Experience: I started in the industry 26 years ago. As a young industry at the time there weren't any training classes available, so many of us learned in the field on customers' cars. Naturally, the learning curve was much longer. After a full career in the window film industry, I decided to become a full-time trainer in 2014 with Accent Distributing. THE EXPERTS Eastman Performance Films offers PPF and window film training for its LLumar and SunTek brands. (Photos courtesy Eastman Performance Films LLC) SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF

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