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JULY 2020 THE SHOP 47 started the business as a hobby while they were teenagers, thoroughly washing and waxing their mother's car. Detail work for a few clients soon followed, either on a mobile basis or by working out of their home garage. To elevate their services, they bought their first machine polisher for paint cor- rection to remove light scratches and then started doing ceramic paint coatings. They created an LLC in 2012 and moved into a shop space two years later, renting it for the first year before buying i t o u t r i g h t , while making it "super-clean and super-efficient," Wills recalls. The space was more than they needed initially, but that soon changed. "We try to take pride in our quality. We try to build a strong relationship with our customers," Wills says. "We follow up with them to make sure everything looks good." Wills and Daniela, who mainly grew their business through word of mouth, increased their marketing efforts and focused on staying in touch with customers after each service. They brought PPF and window tinting services in-house in 2015 and then began cross-selling their services, explaining the benefits of protecting a car's paint and inte- rior to each customer. The business became a one-stop shop for what they call a full protection package. "We really try to educate our clients and make sure they understand what the prod- ucts will do," Wills says, adding that he explains what to expect after a service and how to maintain the investment. "The (cars) won't magically take care of themselves. Like with anything else, it does require some form of maintenance. A lot of people oversell it, but it's not a magic bullet." ADDING PPF & WINDOW FILM The shop features FlexiShield and SunTek SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF The 2,500-square-foot shop provides clients with "protection packages" that thoroughly clean up vehicles and keep them looking new. Wills (left) and Daniela Amstutz opened Windows and Wheels LLC in Gilbert, Arizona approximately 15 years ago. They are shown here with pup Ebony and good friend Michael Stoops, a global trainer at Meguiar's. The shop uses large film sheets for custom jobs, but also has a plotter to create pre-formed kits for front end PPF and window film jobs.

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