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48 THE SHOP JULY 2020 paint protection films and SunTek and Solar Gard window films. "We're very selective about our services and the products we use to complete those services," Wills notes, adding that Flexi- Shield is Arizona-based, making it easier to build a strong relationship with the com- pany. "I know the quality of the film. It's not up-and-down like I've seen with other importers. I've seen their facility and how they manufacture the film." PPF protects the investment in a vehicle, helping prevent light scratches and paint chips by being flexible and distributing the impact from rocks and debris, he explains. "The top layer of film is self-healing," says Wills. "Heat it or park it in the sun and the scratches will level out, so the car looks new." Meanwhile, tinted windows protect a car's interior and electronics by blocking out heat and ultraviolet rays while pro- viding antiglare properties, plus they ease nighttime driving and improve interior comfort. Wills and Daniela provide custom and plotted installs of PPF. They'll wrap the entire body of a vehicle in film or just do the front-facing areas such as the front end, bumper and mirrors, depending upon the customer's preference and budget. A custom install involves taking a large sheet of film and laying it on the vehicle and then hand-cutting it to fit, while a plotted install fits machine-cut pieces to the panels of the vehicle according to a set of patterns for the specific make and model. Pre-cut kits are "a lot quicker compared to having to do everything by hand, and FlexiShield's patterns are top-notch," Wills says. INSTALLING THE EXTRA PROTECTIONS To perform a PPF install, the technician first makes sure the vehicle is squeaky clean after washing. A clay bar removes debris adhered to the paint and an alcohol wipe alleviates fingerprints and soap residue. Squeegeeing gets rid of anything else prior to installation. Working with the film involves peeling off the backing while applying it to the surface over a mixture of soap and water, or slip. Once in place, different squeegees are used to begin laying the film. The prep steps may seem redundant, but together they increase the quality of the installation, Wills reveals. "You have to know the film, where to set it and how to make it more pliable with water. There are a lot of details to it that separate the really good installs from the not-so-good installs," he says. "We like to SPECIAL REPORT: TINT & PPF Once the shop got serious with film installations, it invested in a number of items to help with the process, including a high-end keg sprayer, flexible squeegees, a quality plotter, an air conditioner and an air filtration system. Windows and Wheels works with many car enthusiasts, car club members and those who want to show off their cars or protect their investments. Got You Covered

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