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JULY 2020 THE SHOP 75 The most important thing is deciding whether a certain piece should be restored or not. Some collectibles tend to be worth more in original condition with patina than they would be in restored condition. On the other hand, almost any item that has rust-through or flaky paint would require restoration work to be appealing to buyers. The ultimate choice between leaving a piece alone and restoring it to look like new would be up to the customer who owns it, but in many cases the customer will turn to the expert—you—to decide which way to go. So, you should have at least a basic understanding of this market niche before you do any work on the items themselves. (For additional information about automobilia, check out www.automobili- Advice on the petroliana hobby is available from www.checktheoil- This Skelly gas pump was offered through Yoder Auction. Boy, that's a fat gas pump, isn't it? Whatever you call it, the best is called... Trusted by champion engine builders, race teams, and major OEMs, Fluidampr performance dampers are the best choice to protect your engine. Balancer, Damper, Dampener, Harmonic Balancer, Harmonic Damper, Crank Damper, Crankshaft Damper, Pulley, Torsional Damper,Vibration Damper Meets SFI Spec 18.1

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