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28 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 0 I n the last few years, exponential growth in the wrap industry and cli- ent awareness from social media have resulted in a lot of wrap shops combining window tint, PPF and commercial/color change wraps under one roof, thereby creating a one-stop shopping experience. It's a logical business move for wrap shop owners and can be highly profitable, but the incorporation of the three mediums can be very tricky. The reason for this is window tint, PPF and commercial/color change material and installs can require a combination of major and minor tweaks in wrap shop setup, material knowledge and tools needed. For wrap shop own- ers and installers, this incorporation can come with a steep learning curve that can be frustrating and lead to high transition costs. Yet, the following straightforward breakdown of window tint, PPF and com- mercial/color change wraps is designed to make this smart wrap transition much smoother with the goal of streamlining profits and keeping wrapping fun, which is how it should be. Shop Set Up and Equipment TWI Premium Members recommended videos: http:// First and foremost, the workspace needs to be climate controlled to ensure that the install temperature is consistent. This is especially true for color change and PPF installs. Ceiling fans should be avoided as they can raise too much dust for window tint and PPF installs. For tint and especially PPF, a special area in the workspace should be set up for wet installs. This can involve adding slip- resistant floor mats and a drain. This area should also be in a very low traffic area to minimize dust and dirt. The reason is that dust and dirt getting under PPF/window tint can lead to a reinstall much quicker than for a commercial/color change wrap. It's highly recommended to get a hydraulic lift that is maneuverable and/ or a set of Race Ramps. These are par- ticularly needed for PPF and color change wraps as the installers will be spending The Differences in Nailing your technique with wrap, window tint and paint protection films BY J US T I N PAT E Justin Pate is a graphic installer/instructor with more than 19 years experience working both in the United States and Europe. Justin teaches workshops across the world, most notably for Avery Dennison and Mutoh in North America. In 2014, Justin launched The Wrap Institute (www.wrapinstitute. com), a comprehensive wrap instructional resource. Film Installation Knowing when to switch between 30˚ and 58˚ degree and stainless steel and carbon blades is key for installers to master. Cleaning the surface with a clay bar glove or towel is a critical step for PPF and color change prep.

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