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36 • WRAPS • 2 0 2 0 Once the shop got serious with film installations, it invested in a number of items to help with the process, including a high-end keg sprayer, flexible squeegees, a quality plotter, an air conditioner and an air filtration system. Pre-cut kits are "a lot quicker compared to having to do everything by hand, and FlexiShield's patterns are top-notch," Wills says. Installing The Extra Protections To perform a PPF install, the tech- nician first makes sure the vehicle is squeaky clean after washing. A clay bar removes debris adhered to the paint and an alcohol wipe alleviates fingerprints and soap residue. Squeegeeing gets rid of anything else prior to installation. Working with the film involves peeling off the backing while applying it to the surface over a mixture of soap and water, or slip. Once in place, different squeegees are used to begin laying the film. The prep steps may seem redundant, but together they increase the quality of the instal- lation, Wills reveals. "You have to know the film, where to set it and how to make it more pliable with water. There are a lot of details to it that separate the really good installs from the not-so-good installs," he says. "We like to wrap edges or corners, so it's tucked up. We want it to look just like paint, but to have all the protection of film, and then make sure the install is super- super-clean." Look Inside Window film installs follow a similar pro- cess, starting with cleaning and prepping the glass. A heat gun is used to shrink the film, which is applied the same way as PPF by peel- ing off the backing, putting a soapy solution on the sticky side and squeegeeing out the excess. The film's edges are filed on edgeless glass so that the film matches the window's shape, making it seem as though there isn't a layer of film placed on top of it. To help improve the quality of the process, Windows and Wheels (windowsandwheels. com) has invested in a high-end keg sprayer that makes applying the slip solution easier, flexible squeegees that don't mark up the film, a quality plotter, an air conditioner for tem- perature control, and an air filtration system that helps with the film installs. The shop keeps film of different sizes in stock to shorten the timeframe for jobs, but tries to avoid overstocking. Wills works with many car enthusiasts, car club members and those who want to show off their cars or protect their investments. He par- ticularly likes those moments when customers express their excitement upon seeing the results of his and his team's work, including shedding a few tears at times. "They can't believe their baby (looks) the way it's looking. That never gets old," he says.

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