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116 • RV PRO • July 2020 rv-pro.com RV I N S I G H T D arryl Searer's enthu- siasm for the RV i n d u s t r y c a n b e downright infectious. A veteran of the industry and longtime businessman in the supply sector, Searer knows the ins and outs of how things work and how the industry got to the place it is today. He also knows how to overcome huge obstacles, as he has demonstrated during his tenure as president of the RV/MH Hall of Fame. When Searer took the job as the top executive during the Great Recession, the Hall of Fame was deep in debt with no real pathway out and not much hope of becoming more than just a nice little stop off the interstate in north Elkhart. However, thanks to Searer's leadership and the generous contributions from both the RV and manufactured housing industries, the debt is gone. Meanwhile, the Hall of Fame campus has expanded its facili- ties and beautifully landscaped its property, becoming a desti- nation not only for RV enthu- siasts, but for spring boat shows and other large gatherings that have made the facility a year- round place to be in Elkhart. In the middle of the recent coronavirus outbreak, with people around the country huddled up in their homes to avoid being exposed to the deadly virus, Searer took time to talk with RV PRO maga- zine at length about the future expansion of the Hall and the explosive growth he foresees for the industry once the country returns to whatever the new normal turns out to be. T h e i n t e r v i e w i s p re - sented here in a Q&A format. Answers were edited for clarity and for available space. Q&A with RV/MH Hall of Fame's Darryl Searer With its debt paid off and an expansion on the horizon, the Hall of Fame's president is anxious for coronavirus pandemic to be eradicated so that the Hall and the RV industry can benefit from pent-up demand created by the quarantine. By Travis O. Pryor Hall of Fame President Darryl Searer looks over early plans for the development of the Hall of Fame grounds in this file photo from August 2016.

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