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rv-pro.com July 2020 • RV PRO • 119 agents and designers and product man- agers and engineers from all the OEMs to come because we've got some really great suppliers coming in this year – not that we didn't last year – but there's a lot more. In past years, the dealer principal was the only one who would come to town for the event because there was no sup- plier show. Now that they can see there's a supplier show that's close to the display of the largest manufacturer of RVs in the world, which is THOR, now they're saying maybe we should bring our parts and ser- vice managers or buyers because of all the suppliers that are there. I think it's going to be an awesome year. RV PRO: You seem pretty upbeat about the future. Can you share why? Searer: There are a lot of small busi- nesses that are suppliers and are kind of the backbone. They've already approved a $600 billion in stimulus and are talking about another $250 billion. That's $600 billion that's going to keep people on the payroll so that when this turns around businesses can go back to normal. A lot of businesses have applied for the SBA loans to use on payroll, and as long as you spend it on payroll, it can be interest free. At this point, we all need to say a prayer that we all see the big light at the end of the tunnel. ... In the future, if we follow the guidelines set out by Dr. Fauci and Vice President Mike Pence and the president, I think we will save more lives from just the flu than all of those we lose to coronavirus. RV PRO: What have you gotten done during this stay-at-home time that you might not have gotten to otherwise? Searer: People are always on the go – and now they can't be on the go – so they're finding other things to do. For myself, I'll give you an example. Our pavilion carries Peter Orthwein's name – the Peter Orthwein Pavilion. It was put together well and is a quality facility. I had dreamed of putting together a PowerPoint presentation about it and then combining it with some music and I had kind of run out of things to do here. It took me 2-1/2 days to do it, but I got it done and it's up on YouTube video. I had to work so I could time everything out so just as the song ends the last slide pops up. It turned out really great and I sent it over to Peter Orthwein and Bob Martin. At the end of it, the last slide comes up and says, 'All of us at the RV/MH Hall of Fame couldn't be more proud to have the pavilion named after Peter Orthwein.' Things like that, when you're just go, go, go, go, you don't get the time to do that. Searer addresses attendees at the 2019 Hall of Fame induction ceremony. This year's induction ceremony is set for Monday, Aug. 3, at the Hall of Fame's Northern Indiana Event Center. Watch the RV/MH Hall of Fame Tribute to the Peter Orthwein Pavilion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRn9P-M3nHg O u r f o c u s h a s b e e N b r i n g i n G p r o d u c t s to the A d e a l e r p o r ta l w i t h A " S h o p A m e r i c a " s e c t i o n w i t h yo u i n m i n d ! C r e at e yo u r a c c o u n t at Call or email to see our list of all new USA products or to learn more about our new dealer portal! sales@jrproducts.net 1-800-269-7622

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