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RV PRO SPECIAL SECTION July 2020 • RV PRO • 23 ICON Produces Protective Face Shields Like many companies, Winkler, Manitoba, Canada-based ICON pivoted its production to find ways to support frontline health care professionals as they work diligently to combat COVID-19 outbreaks. ICON, which makes an assortment of formed plastic prod- ucts for the RV industry, has begun to produce PPE face shields to help individuals limit their exposure to the virus. According to Marketing Manager Jordan Martindale, ICON Production Manager Howard Sawatzky was sitting at home thinking about what the com- pany could do to help frontline workers. He has a number of family members that work as nurses and health care professionals. It's well known that supply of the PPE (personal protective equipment) is lacking for these workers and others. "Thinking about the materials and machinery we have on hand, he came up with a design for a protective face shield and mocked it up," Martindale says. Less than a week after prototyping a face shield, Sawatzky had set into motion scaling up to mass production. Team members at ICON worked diligently to source the correct materials and set up machinery and an assembly line. With the materials well known in the making of RV parts, the product development came very naturally. Harv Giesbrecht, business development manager, and the marketing team worked at ensuring the right people knew about these coming out so they could make it into health care workers' hands. This includes governments, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and more. "Social media and local support played a pivotal role in ensuring our local communities were well covered in getting their hands on the PPE," he says. The product being supplied is a full face shield as well as other replacement lenses for existing PPE systems. The main product is the polycarbonate face shield and it offers full splash and projectile protection to the wearers face. Comfortable foam strips run along the forehead and a secure snap adjustment holds it on in the back. ICON is still providing aftermarket parts inventory and other production lines are available for the company to produce for the RV industry as necessary. Its website and customer service is still fully available to RV aftermarket distributors, RV dealers and RV owners. "I think the feeling of being able to work and contribute something tangible to combat the pandemic is very evident here," Martindale says. "It's a very positive feeling and speaks to our company culture. It was a very encouraging thing to see how we all banded together and sorted out things like the procurement of materials, the production lines and the publicizing of the availability of the PPE face shields. TM Sensing an unmet need, ICON quickly ramped up production of face shields for frontline responders and medical providers.

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