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88 • RV PRO • July 2020 rv-pro.com time warranty, which he says far exceeds the two- to five-year warranties offered by most competitors. He also lauds NSA for its responsive customer service, noting that Westervelt is quick to respond to calls and emails. A network of 115 dealers across the U.S. sell NSA products. Westervelt says he would like to add more, saying there is no such thing as enough dealers. A major part of the company's busi- ness comes from orders received from its largest distributors, NTP-STAG and Meyer Distributing. Padgett and ARC rep- resent NSA to distributors and dealers, including providing training to dealers on NSA products. "Our motto is that we create 'sold for the dealer, sold for the distributor and sold for the supplier,'" Padgett says. "We do a heck of a lot of training. That is one of our primary purposes out in the field. There are dealers who are still not that familiar with the product. We have to get them trained up on the type of product it is and why it is superior. Ultimately, through that training, we create sales." Padgett says the majority of his current work for NSA happens at the dealer level. "That is taking off nicely, and we are going to continue to maximize that. Fig- uring out how to provide a better solution is a challenge that we are working hard on. We have a promotion where we let the dealers try the product in a no-risk environment, because we know once they try it, they are going to love it." New Opportunities in 2020 and Beyond While Padgett works to make greater inroads for NSA's existing products in the dealer market, Westervelt sees keeping new products in the pipeline as NSA's big- gest opportunity in the coming years. But competition is keen and never lets up, and he says he looks to pick up market share. "Competition is extremely stiff, espe- cially going through the distributors," Westervelt says. "Sometimes it's a very daunting task to get in with a distrib- utor. It's not just a matter of Raymond making a phone call. It's a long, involved conversation and it can be challenging. But you've got to keep knocking on that door." Orders were brisk during the first part of 2020, keeping NSA's manufacturing floor busy. Westervelt is cautious, how- ever, about the second half of the year due to the upcoming presidential election and the uncertainty resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. "But after we fill our current orders, I feel as if 2020 is going to turn out to be kind of a slow year, slower than last year," Westervelt says. "Generally, in an election year, we are always just a little slower than normal." NSA RV's small but dedicated staff includes (from left to right): Exavier Cary, telephone support; Darien Nowak, CNC operator; Sue Harrison, office manager; Earnest Jackson, RV repair manager; Jesse Harrison, final assembly supervisor; John Nowak, CNC operator; Randell Woods, CNC supervisor; and Westervelt.

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