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What's Your Specialty? SUBLIMATING SPECIALTY GOODS B Y M I K E C L A R K Sublimation is a com- mon application for both indoor and out- door signage. (Image courtesy Unisub) S ublimation is a discipline that most graphics shops are familiar with, even if it's not at the top of the list among services they offer to clients. Whether it's decorating pro- motional products or apparel, it can be a convenient way to bring in some extra sales across a variety of niches. What some shops might not be aware of, though, is that they can pair this process with a handful of specialty items to boost the value proposition on products they cur- rently sell as well as overall revenue. NEW TO YOU Darci Jeffrey-Andersen, Coastal Business Supplies, explains how readymade subli- matable products and custom-built goods add to the bottom line. "First, profit mar- gins are generally pretty high with sublima- tion printing, and you'll be able to offer everything from a single one-off item to a larger order. Inventory control is another factor, and you can produce as your items are being ordered. Lastly, production is rela- tively easy with no messy chemicals—it's simply print, press, and profit." Graphics professionals have no doubt seen their share of orders for sublimated koozies and T-shirts. Still, David Gross, Condé Sys- tems, suggests businesses think outside the box on how they can use the technology to their benefit. "Approach things from a sales point of view and let the products follow," he comments. Rather than casting a wide net at the onset, he suggests gradually offer- ing new sublimatable products to existing clients to test the waters and branching out from there in terms of promoting offerings to potential clients. Jeffrey-Andersen suggests that those with ample equipment can use sublima- tion in conjunction with cut-and-sew production to create custom textile 1 2 G R A P H I C S P R O J U L Y 2 0 2 0 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M

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