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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 J U L Y G R A P H I C S P R O 2 5 In a Blue Ocean, you have uncontested market space—competition is irrelevant to you because what you offer is unique and your ideal customers have a demand for it. In contrast, in a Red Ocean, you are just one of many doing the same thing; you are focused on beating the competition and typically price is the deciding factor. To get to a Blue Ocean, it all starts with defining a niche that you can excel at through understanding who your ideal customers are as well as the needs you can meet for them. A niche needs to be two things: 1. Something that you are passionate about, can excel at, and brings you joy because the space is of interest to you. 2. Something that your ideal customer can use and find value in. An example of this is decorators trying to sell coffee mugs. That search term averages over 60,500 searches a month and has a dif- ficulty ranking of 100 out of 100 on Neil Patel's Ubersuggest tool (a tool you can use to help with SEO). We know we have to sell the mugs including shipping for about $10 to $15 to be competitive and we have to spend tons of money on advertising and influencers to hope that our fun designs move the needle. That is a Red Ocean. But what if we focus our niche down to fit who we are and what we love? Let's say we also have a passionate side gig, where we are part of a network marketing program. We love to make people feel special by add- ing personalization, and it is more about supporting people than it is about the slog of making a living. You have a wonderful niche staring you in the face, a Blue Ocean. You can sell personalized coffee mugs as a welcome kit to people who are welcoming

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