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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 J U L Y G R A P H I C S P R O 2 7 GROW YOUR BUSINESS Here is the best part of our example. As you keep making your ideal customers happy, they tell others, and it is going to grow for you without extra effort on your part. Not only will you be making welcome mug kits for your MLM, but other network market- ing people will come to you. Then you get asked to expand your line and now you are making personalized kitchen sets for Pam- pered Chef consultants, and it will just keep growing. Back to my friend Brett from Printed Threads; he focused completely on his niche of being the best band merch guy in his met- ro area. From that niche, he has printed shirts for the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. This wasn't because he yelled so loud the Mavericks heard him. Quite the opposite. They sought him out because they needed a "band" type project completed and heard he was the best in that space. He proved to them that he was the best, and they then worked to figure out what other business they could send his way. With your newfound focus, you will grow your business. Make sure you own it and be persistent. Persistence in the pursuit of mas- tery pays off. Success is right on the other side of what looks like failure, so make sure you get clear on the blanks for this statement: I (do, make, create, provide, etc.) for (ideal customer - describe them) by (the unique prod- uct and service you provide). Once you can repeat that with ease, share that everywhere you can; constantly ask, ask, ask; and commit to improving daily. Then, exceed expectations every chance you get, and this will be the recipe for faster and more stable long-term growth. GP AARON MONTGOMERY is the co-founder of Our- Their goal is to help over 1,000 businesses in 2020 reach their idea of success through training, community, and accountability. Aaron has over 25 years of experience with personalized products and small business development. You can also find Aaron co-hosting the podcast 2 Regular Guys Podcast ( He has his own podcast channel and weekly live videos called Small Business Saturdays Series. New episodes are released weekly at You can find out more about Aaron at

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