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5 4 G R A P H I C S P R O J U L Y 2 0 2 0 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M dles and mirrors to ensure the installations were detailed, high-quality jobs. Kicking things off with a Roland VS540, the shop strived to push past these shortfalls and pro- vide clients with top-notch, commercial- grade wrap installations. Since then, the business has expanded its square footage onsite and equipment line with additional printers for wrap jobs and an Epson direct-to-garment printer. Within the past year, the business rebranded from Sign It Now to Gravity Graphics. Kearsley says as the company continued to grow and expand its services, he wanted to have a name that encompassed more of what they could offer clients. The shop has also grown its business out- side of Victor, covering neighboring areas like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a range of services including wholesale printing for sign companies as well as corporate ac- counts and some tourism-based business. Due primarily in part to strict sign codes (including one that prohibits backlit signs) from the city and homeowners' associations in that area, Kearsley says the business gets a substantial number of requests for custom- made signage. "You've got to be pretty ar- tistic and good with graphics to meet their requests," he adds, noting that for many of the Jackson Hole clients, the company churns out banners, flat panel signs, dimen- sional signage, and other specialty products. Kearsley credits industry education as a significant contributor to why the business continues to flourish. In addition to his early experience with 3M courses, he says wraps classes with Avery Dennison and resources from Justin Pate and The Wrap Institute helped him learn more about the actual installation technique and how to choose the right wrap for the designated application. DOWN THE ROAD In addition to support from throughout the industry, Kearsley says Gravity Graph- ics has benefitted from striving to deliver on intricate design work and focusing pri- marily on quality over price point. That dedication to detail and quality, he adds, has also helped the company move through the current challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has posed for com- panies of all sizes and categories. Compa- nies deemed essential businesses such as telecommunications have been tapping the shop for jobs. What's more, Kearsley says many of these companies have been open to dis- cussing price points. Often, he takes the time to educate them on why Gravity might charge slightly more than a com- peting shop, and after that discussion, the business still typically lands the client. "Those are the relationships we strive to embody because they're the ones that tru- ly appreciate the detail that goes into the design and understand the importance of the quality of the materials," Kearsley adds. Above: The shop prides itself on high-quality, commercial-grade wrap installations. Below: The company caters to a large number of businesses in neighboring Jackson Hole, Wyoming, including corporate accounts and the service industry.

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